ASMR There's a Light: Playing With Things That Illuminate The Night For Your Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 9 years ago

"The darkness must go down the river of night's dreaming."---RHPS. Hello everyone! This Stereo/Panning ASMR video features lights (so if you are prone to seizures from lights, you should not watch this video), glow sticks, glass tapping, close up whispering, blowing on the mic, counting, and slow face and neck touches. Oh and for some reason, I put everything in my mouth...I was going to edit it out, but I thought some of the mouth sounds might trigger you. I know, I'm weird. I am not sure if this is going to be effective for you, but I thought it was worth the shot. If it works, I can do more like this in the future. Happy Viewing!

For those who need a quick fix:
1:06-8:53 Battery Powered Tea Light
8:54-36:39 Glow Sticks Cracking, Tapping, and Counting
36:40-44:31 Assembling Glow Stick Ball and Spinning
44:40-49:45 Vase Light Ball
49:47-52:45 Blowing on the mic
52:50-1:00:54 Follow the Finger Lights, Fireworks, and Clicking/Clacking
1:00:55-1:07:07 Tracing/Touching Face and Neck With Finger Lights
1:07:09-1:11:13 Tapping on Light Bulb with Finger Lights
1:11:15-1:14:54 Tapping on Stone Bracelets and Glass Jelly Fish with Finger Lights
1:14:55-1:23:01 Stupid Gak Not Glowing, and Squishy Noises.

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After months of people asking, I made a paypal account. I love making these videos, so regardless of donations, I will still be doing what I love---that said, any donations are greatly appreciated.

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