ASMR The MOST Detailed Medical Exam - Cranial Nerve - Doctor Roleplay for Sleep

Starling ASMR
Published 6 months ago

Please enjoy this relaxing asmr roleplay for sleep, featuring a relaxing asmr cranial nerve exam, asmr eye exam, asmr general checkup medical exam, asmr ear exam and a first person asmr roleplay part to help you sleep better thanks to carefully selected asmr roleplay triggers.
In this asmr roleplay for sleep you will find all the best asmr triggers from my asmr cranial nerve exam roleplay videos, asmr eye exam videos and and all my most viewed asmr medical roleplay videos.

Also, stop copying my descriptions word for word, if you can't make creative videos, at least spend two minutes to make an effort and write these yourselves.

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00:00 Preview
01:00 Asmr Cranial Nerve Exam and General Checkup Start
02:46 Bazooka and Click Click Click
05:04 Light Trigger w/ card & Counting
07:13 Asmr Skin & Mole Check
08:10 Asmr Face Touching
09:00 Asmr Fluffy Sticks
10:09 In Ear Exam
10:53 Tracing on Palm / Arm Pulling
12:07 Snellen Eye Chart
12:58 Olfactory Test
15:36 Asmr Tuning Fork
16:30 Asmr Spray Sounds
16:51 Heartbeat & Lungs Check
18:36 Leg Test
23:39 First Person Eye Exam - Dark Room


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