ASMR Aura Drawing Roleplay w/ Energy Intuitive🌈

Ocean Heart
Published 2 years ago

Hello dear! Welcome to this aura drawing and heart energy healing session! The aura is a beautiful field of ever changing electromagnetic energy that surrounds our physical body like a cocoon. The auric field can tell us so much about our health and well-being in any given moment as it contains multiple layers corresponding to the chakra system as well as our etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In this reading I will note your primary aura color (the color that best symbolizes your gifts and soul purpose in the world) as well as any blockages or imbalances of energy that can be cleared and restored. For the remainder of the session I empower you to begin channeling your own heart energy into your hands for self healing purposes as we send this powerful love and light to the areas in need.

I hope this roleplay is helpful for you as it is meant to be one example of how I like to share intuitive information and healing energy with people. If I were meeting with you personally much more detail and specific messages could be revealed for you! I’m still practicing these abilities but it is something I am very passionate about learning and developing!

With all my love,


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I am a certified Reiki Level II practitioner and intuitive energy healer who truly believes in the natural health benefits of ASMR, the unconditionally loving bond it facilitates through connecting to one another, as well as the development of future ASMR communication technology to support sensitive children and autistic individuals. I appreciate any and all support offered at this time.


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