Girl Meets World: Girl Meets World Episode Full Season Television 2014 Video Show Series (Review)

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Published 8 years ago

Girl Meets World: Season 1, Episode 1 Girl Meets World Reaction Jessica Kardashian Review On It Enjoy

Its Great Disney Show I Ever Seen So Yeah Like Girl Meets World: Season 1, Episode 1 Girl Meets World Episode Overall Information Girl Meets World Riley Best Friend Named Maya leads a rebellion care free in class says no homework and stands on top her desk tries to burn everyone homework than the sprinklers turn on the whole class room full of water. Meanwhile Girl Meets World Cory Matthews Daughter Named Riley Matthews joins in to try to be like Maya care free not caring about school or anything else doesn't care what her dad Cory thinks about her anymore she wants to rebel and do what she wants love this first episode of girl meets world made me think of other awesome high school friends who also acted out when I was growing up. Thanks for watching my review lovely people have a great and amazing day let me know in the comment section below who your favorite character on girl meets world and do you love girl meets world television series have an amazing day lovely people bye.


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