ASMR Whisper - Tingly Lyric Whispers

Published 8 years ago

No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the lyrics or music in this video.

Hi friends! I thought I would do a quick video dedicated to the amazing album Amy Winehouse: Lioness Hidden Treasures since the 4 year anniversary is coming up! I hope you will enjoy some reading whispers and a little treat of music with whispered lyrics at the end. Enjoy! Let me know if you'd like more of these videos or if they don't work for you (:

Song: Wake Up Alone
Vocals: Amy Winehouse
Written by : Amy Winehouse and Scott Duffy
Produced by: Mark Ronson

What is ASMR and why am I whispering? GREAT question. Check it out here:

I am NOT a health professional. The use of this video for relaxation purposes is not necessarily suggested by any medical professional and is simply for the enjoyment and relaxation of its viewers.


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