Relaxing Sedative Sounds (ASMR)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 9 years ago

Well, there is far less editing in this one---but still some---because kitties love to sabotage filming haha. If you watch closely, you'll see a kitty butt at one point. This is a sounds vid for your listening and viewing pleasure. Thanks for all your support thus far, and happy viewing!

Times for a quick fix:
0:00-3:25 talking and nail tapping
3:25-8:40 lightly touching balloon and writing on balloon with markers
8:50-10:50 cleaning a mirror
10:55-12:35 nail tapping and sliding on a mirror
12:40-15:30 wooden blocks
16:05-17:43 perler glasses
17:50-19:20 tapping a coin (ahhhhhh this one is my fave)
19:23-20:42 tracing and scratching a doll/fabric
20:50-22:16 tapping a tea light
22:23-23:12 tapping a shell mask
23:15-25:32 makeup brush on mask, self, and viewer
25:42-26:53 tapping a jade tree
27:00-29:35 teapot tapping
29:43-31:05 scratching/petting velour box, and running nails along necklace
31:08-34:52 tapping/scratching/brushing horn?
34:56-38:18 wooden chop sticks and rocks
38:25-41:08 glass jellyfish
41:15-42:06 let me tell you a secret

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