⭐ASMR Ear Cleaning, Doctor Roleplay 👂 (Binaural)

ASMR with Noa
Published 4 days ago

⭐Hello and welcome, I'm Dr. Noa, how are you today? Oh, I see, you want me to examine yor ear right? does it hurt? let me examine it very carefully, I promise you it won't hurt. Are you ready? Perfect then, let's get started :)

00:00 Asking questions and typing
03:01 Explaining, Typing keyboard
04:07 Cleaning hands, hand sounds
05:00 Gloves sounds
05:48 Ear touching, light triggers
06:57 Removing ear wax
14:42 Checking your ears with lantern
15:40 Ear cleaning drops
16:12 Q tip cleaning your ear
18:36 Brushing ears, brushing ear cleaning
20:25 Soft spoken, keyboard typing
21:17 Goodbye :)

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