ASMR Worm Infection Ear Exam & Ear Cleaning Role Play

Published 8 years ago

Uh oh, you got a worm infection! You can hear those little, creepy crawlers making strange noises in your ears so you come for help. This is an ear exam and ear cleaning ASMR video.

Time Stamps
0:00-1:35 Intro
1:36-2:55 Putting on gloves
2:56-4:24 Examining and brushing ears
4:25-10:37 Removing worms from left ear
10:38-17:10 Removing worms from right ear
17:11-18:04 Re-examination
18:05-22:27 Cleaning ears with cotton ball
22:28-27:33 Cleaning ears with q-tip

Dr. Andrew Michaels -
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