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Published 4 years ago

HELLOOO!!! I'm alive :D I've legit been so sick this entire year with the most annoying cough and sinus problems... But I took NyQuil, slept for 14 hours, drank an entire jug of orange juice and I actually feel... completely better. Yes, I'm blaming my sickness for lack of uploads hmph. Also, my roommates have been sick so I'd have to edit out coughing every 30 seconds.. nty.. #asmrstruggles

I accidentally uploaded this video last night but realized I messed up on editing anyway so I decided to just take it down and reupload.

ANYWHO, this was pretty long overdue! I can't believe I haven't done mic brushing yet.. maybe I overhyped it to myself since it's one of my personal favorite triggers. I'm a simple girl :3 taptaptap

ahem okay so I know this might be a bit controversial, but I'm just gonna say it:

Youtube still hasn't monetized this channel T.T
I love watching and making ASMR and don't plan to stop. It's just getting a bit difficult getting this channel to the pace I want it to be at while juggling full time streaming.

Watching/liking/commenting on my vids is more than enough support, but if you'd like to do more, subscribing to my live stream is a super generous way to help out :D

(Or by leaving a very optional tip when I'm streaming on twitch heh)

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As always, thanks so much for enjoying my ASMR :) The amount of people I'm suddenly putting to sleep increases every day and ngl it's kinda weird, but kinda cool to hear. I'll keep working hard for you guys!!


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