ASMR • 45+ Minute Whisper Ramble • Up Close Whispers (with Nail Tapping)

Anita Nap ASMR
Published 1 year ago

Today's ASMR video is a 45+ minute long Whisper Ramble, which includes lots of Tingly Up Close Whispering for you to Relax and Sleep to. I will be Whispering non-stop about a variety of random topics: from 2021's New Year's Resolutions to favorite TV shows and more. Be ready to Relax to the sounds of my Soft and Breathy Whispers, some Clicky Whispers and Mouth Sounds. I will be also intermittently accompanying my Whispers with lots of Nail Tapping, some Face Touching (Personal Attention) and some Cupped Whispering too, for some Intense Tingles.

Included in today's Tingly and Soothing ASMR video are: a 47 minute long Whisper Ramble/Whispered Rambling, Close Up Whispering, Breathy Whispers, Soft Whispering, Clicky Whispers, Mouth Sound, Cupped Whispers, Hand Movements, Nail Tapping, Tapping with Long Nails, Face Touching, Personal Attention and more.

So find a comfy spot, sit back and enjoy some well-deserved long minutes of relaxation 💤

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ASMR is meant to help you relax, sleep, focus and induce tingles. Even though it may make you feel better, ASMR is not a medical treatment. If you need help, please seek professional help. Here is a link that might help you get started:


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