Ariel ASMR & MinxLaura123 Haircut/style Salon collab

Ariel ASMR❤️
Published 8 years ago

Soft spoken asmr collab with MinxLaura123- this time a hair salon role play! Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to our channels. Also- Exciting stuff in the pipeline.


ariel asmr asmr gentle whisperings Maria maria gentle whispering minx laura 123 minxlaura123 pigsbum visualsounds1 visual sounds 1 tingles role play reassurance soft spoken female accent head tingles tapping scratching ear to ear binaural sound the water whispers ilse SoftAnnaPL uk soft speaking haircut hair cut hair role play rp collaboration cutting scissors snip combing hair straightening irons comb wet hair wet hair

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