ASMR Scratch Off World Map (oddly satisfying)

Published 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

Personally I really like the sound of scratching off lotery tickets and I have been planning to make such a video since always. Sometimes when I need to relax I find myself just searching through Youtube for videos with people scratching lottery tickets. It is hard to explain but as for me there is something soothing in the sound of a simple coin or any other object scratching on a cardbord ticket.

Initially I was going to buy lottery tickets, but then I found this huge Scratch Off World Map. You are supposed to hang it on your wall, and scratch off all of the places you visited so far.

The continents are quite big and it was very satisfying to be able to scratch off so much space at once.

My Niece seemed to be very intrigued by this Map. She was looking up at me just like the Shrek's Puss in Boots when I was recording the first part of this video. I made a promise that I'll let her scratch off one of the continents in the next day after the second recording session.

It was so much fun that I lost myself completely and scratched off everything. Although my satisfaction was fed, I felt guilty.

I thought that she probably forgot about the map, until she came back from school and asked:

Hey Uncle where is the Map! I couldn't stop wondering which of the continents you decide to leave for me to scratch? Did you leave Asia?

Me: ''No my dear... actually I...''

Niece: ''North America''?

Me: ''No..'' I crouched down in front of her

Niece: ''Yay...our beautiful Europe!'' She smiled and started her victory dance

Me: '' are in such a good mood today'' I answered sweating like a pig

Niece: ''Ok give it to me. Australia is fine as well''

Me: ''Listen... I scratched off the whole map.. Please don't be mad it felt so good I'm so sorry...''

Niece: ''What? ...Pfffff....You are a hedonist!'' She answered clenching her fists in growing anger

Me: ''Don't worry I'm gonna buy you a brand new map''

Nieece: ''Ohh noo ...Now you will have to buy me a Scratch Off Solar System in order to make up for your bloomer'' She pressed on my nose with her index finger now with eyes of The Little My from Moomin series:

If you want here you can buy the Scratch Off World Map:


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