Satisfying ASMR: Binaural Sound Assortment With Kinetic Sand, Water Gems/Marbles, & Drawing in Sand

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: Ear to Ear Whispering, Some Soft Speaking, Some Spanish (attempts), Brushing Sounds, Kinetic Sand, Water Gems/Water Marbles (and IMHO some cool "bubbly" sounds), Bouncing Sounds (new trigger---please let me know if it works for you), Drawing In Regular Sand, Pouring Sounds, Unintentional Lip Smacking, and Scraping Sounds. This is a reupload---I uploaded this last night, but some awesome viewers let me know I had left a clap in the video---and I couldn't leave it in. I edited it out, rerendered it, and reuploaded it---a one second mistake cost about 11 hours---siiiigh. This video is a visual and audio sound assortment. A lot of you had said you missed them, and more Sound Assortments are def coming---but I wanted to do this one first since I have had these items for so long. Happy Viewing!
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Items used in this video:
Sand by Brookstone
Water Gems
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For those who need a quick fix:
7:05-8:25 Ear to Ear Whispering in Spanish
9:43-27:18 Kinetic Sand
27:19-53:00 Water Gems
54:00-1:05:08 Regular Sand and Brushing Sounds

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