♦)♦(♦ Relaxing Russian Language Lesson pt.2 ♦)♦(♦

Gentle Whispering ASMR
Published 10 years ago

In this video I will teach you some common sentences/words/questions in russian. I hope you find this interesting as well as relaxing. :) Thank you.
Sentences used:
What is your name?-Как вас зовут?-Kak vas zovut?
My name is ...-Меня зовут...-Menya zovut..
How are you?-Как дела? - Kak dela?
Good-Хорошо- Horosho
Where is the restroom? -Где туалет? -Gde tualet?
You are beautiful-Ты/вы красив(ая)(ый) -Ti/Vi krasiv(aya)(iy)
Marry me-Выходи за меня-Vihodi za menya
Good night-Спокойной ночи-Spokoinoi nochi
I hope you enjoy it and learn something new at the same time. Thank you very much ♥
this recording is copyrighted 2012 by GentleWhispering, all rights reserved


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