ASMR: ⚠️ FAST & AGGRESSIVE ⚠️ Camera Tapping, Hand & Mouth Sounds 👄 (+ Shoop Shoop) [LOFI]

Misschic ASMR
Published 11 months ago

Hi all, here's some very chaotic and unpredictable, fast & aggressive camera tapping, with mouth & hand sounds! There's lots of shoop shooping and tongue clicking too. Give yourself a point if you can hear the songs and an BONUS point if you recognise what the songs are!♥
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Camera: Samsung Galaxy

#cameratapping #chaoticasmr #aggressiveasmr #mouthsounds #lofiasmr

Triggers: [shoop shoop] [fast aggressive] [aggressive asmr] [camera tapping] [phone tapping] [fast tapping] [scratching your face] [tapping your face] [touching your face] [giantess] [dotting your face] [face touching] [fast and aggressive] [mouth sounds] [lofi asmr] [lofi] [buildup tapping] [fast] [tapping] [chaotic] [chaotic asmr] [blue screen] [sensory room] [blue light] [blue light filter] [mouth sounds asmr] [whispering] [asmr whisper] [tongue clicking] [layered] [layered mouth sounds] [hand movements] [fast hand movements] [fast mouth sounds] [fast hand sounds] [hand sounds]


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