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Published 9 months ago
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Hey Fabled Friends & Family! This week I’ve been on Spring Break, but after the loss of my beloved fur baby, I’ve just taken a few days to relax and mourn the loss. I have new 3DIO videos filmed, I just haven’t been up to much editing because of my loss. I hope this older video will still make you happy. Your kind words have been so helpful & I promise to have some great content coming soon.

All my luv, xx

1. Am I high when I film? Do I smoke? Why do my eyes look red in my videos?
- I get that I may look silly and some of you like to tease me, but I do suffer from light sensitivity issues, so when i film for many hours at a time, my eyes will become red and irritated. So that irritation is one many may confuse as 'being high". I do all I can to prevent the redness, but hey, it happens!

2. How old am I?
- I am 19 years old! Yeah I know I look like 15 haha

3. Do I have Patreon? Do I do custom videos?
- Currently, I no longer have a Patreon page. I find that it takes my time and focus away from creating Youtube videos for everyone, which is what I am passionate about. Patreon makes me feel too caught up in the business of ASMR which I don't want to be in. ASMR is my escape from life too, not a business :)

4. How can you support my channel?
- I try to stay away from any donation links and sites because of my experience in the past. I feel that linking my PayPal or other is asking for hand-outs when I am able to get paid through YouTube.

*** If you would like to support me & this channel for FREE, please note that I get paid whenever you do NOT skip through the ads at the beginning of my videos, so if you would like to help out, just take the minute or so to finish the ad, rather than hitting the skip button. That is the biggest help for me personally and for the channel, and its free for you!!***

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