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Published 4 years ago

HEY ROSEBUDS!! Here is a satisfying paint smooshing asmr video for you all! there is tape sounds, tapping, painting sounds, visuals, tape pulling, paint pulling.
I have been making these little paint smooshing videos on my little new insatgram @ paintsmooshing. lots of satisfying painting videos and some on the IG stories of my main instagram @ roseasmr477

I also post painting videos on my rose vlogs channel, feel free to check that out here:

Hope you are all good!! i am finally feeling so good and fresh and energetic for things. :D

I am also thankful for you all and all the support, it means soooo osooo osoosooooo sosososos much, i love you all (insert heart emoji) thank you for subbing and following and commenting and liking, means a lot!! we are a huge meadow of rosebuds u guys, 97k!! WOW. omg... going to be brainstorming a lot of 100k celebration ideas and i hope i can make u guys happy with the idea i come up with!! Going to definitely have a 100k celebration asmr video and then 100k celebration STREAM!


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Love you all Rosebuds! :D
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