ASMR - The Doctor is in! - 10+ Different Tingles (White Noise)

Published 2 years ago

Thanks for checking out my doctor roleplay, no jebait in here. It was a challenge, learned loads of new things and techniques. My biggest obstacle is microphone placement which unfortunately means I had to layer ASMR triggers over footage. This is quite apparent when I am up close to the camera. However this gives me confidence to try more roleplay. I'm learning, it's a good process to be in.

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I rate this video 2/5 ASMR stars. It would be~
3 Stars IF consistent story with little or no cuts
4 Stars IF no whitenoise
5 Stars IF high quality microphone and triggers

Judge Soe thanks you for reading my manuscript


Will add in the morning however the tingles I explored are~

Soft Whispering
Writing with Pencil
Breathing Up close
Latex Gloves
Lens Touching
Eye Tracing
Ear Cleaning
Oil Rubbing

Help me to make fulltime ASMR:

(In two days time I plan on ordering both a 3dio microphone and new 4k camera! - I will announce this on Twitter or Instagram to celebrate)

In this video you will find; asmr, soft whispering, doctor roleplay, ear cleaning, tascam, layered sound, masked roleplay, upclose, lense touching, light tracing

If you read this, comment what you really think of the video... (´ー`)


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