ASMR Death Note ~ Misa Amane talks to Shinigami (Soft spoken, Turning Pages, Tapping, Sounds)

Catplant ASMR
Published 1 year ago

This is a cosplay of Misa Aname from Death Note. I had her outfit (i've always wanted to use my red contacts) basically so I decided why not cosplay her for a video?!?? So here it is! Also, Misa is literally the opposite of ASMR, she's super loud, dramatic and yells ALOT sadly I couldn't in cooperate that in this video. she's got a cute style ~

p.s whoops that the lighting ruined my greenscreen a bit but oh wells

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Mic: Rode Mics - NT1-A
Camera: Lumix G7
Lens: Sigma 16mm 1.4f
Chair: DX Racer


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