Ear to Ear ASMR Whisper & Ear Massage 3Dio, Cupping, Cleaning, Brushing, Sleep & Relaxation

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Published 7 years ago

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Ear to Ear ASMR Whisper & Ear Massage 3Dio, Touching, Cupping, Cleaning, Brushing, Sleep & Relaxation

0.01-5.00- Tapping
5.00-10.17 - Scratching and Crinkling
10.17-12.05 - More Tapping
12.05-13.58 - Blowing And Cupping
13.58-17.40 - Scratching Stuff Animal
17.40- 20.54 - Cupping and Crinkling
20.54-29.38 - Tapping and Scratching
29.38-36.06 -Gloves And Cupping

How many cool binaural sounds and ASMR triggers can you make with 3Dio Freespace Pro microphone? This video is made for you sleep and relaxation pleasure.

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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