[ASMR] Multilayered ( SKSK,TKTK,Unintelligible + Kisses + Omnomnom)

Published 8 years ago

Hey guys, my apologies for not posting for awhile. Well I've have been trying to deal with some things of my own and to top it all off, there've been some technical difficulties with my mic. Technically, I've actually recorded a few videos (like 5) but iMovie either doesn't save my videos or it doesn't pick up the sounds from the mic and when it does it's really soft and has this irritating sizzling sound thing going on. Needless to say I wasn't quite feeling up to dealing with this sh.. so Anyway, I've decided to make a mutilayered of my recent (mouth sounding videos)? for the mean time and I will also be posting some of the videos I've salvaged that I feel decent enough to be watched. Guess I'll have to look into purchasing a new mic now:/


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response asmr multilayered unintelligible kisses omnomnom tktk sksk mouthsounds

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