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ASMR Destiny
Published 7 years ago

Just what is ASMR? Well, nobody can really explain why we as humans experience it. But we do know that the feeling can put us into states of extreme relaxation and can even relieve stress, headaches and other physical discomfort in some people.

ASMR destiny's mission is to bring you into that state of euphoria. To help you sleep soundly at night, release the stress of the day, and ease pain caused by headaches or migraines...leaving you feeling refreshed, ready to start a new day.

If you are prepared to experience a feeling like no other, I invite you to take this journey with me.

-Aaron / ASMR Destiny

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So what is ASMR? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs.

Also known as : AIHO (Attention Induced Head Orgasm), AIE (Attention Induced Euphoria), or simply "head orgasms"/"head tingles".

Common ASMR Triggers:
Watching hand movements
Watching light
Watching a person talk
Listening to someone paint
Personal Attention
Soft spoken videos
Whispered videos
Sounds like tapping, scratching, layered, crinkles
Getting hair cut
Spray Bottle sounds
Painting sounds

ASMR Destiny's mission is to:
- Be a public advocate and educator of ASMR
- Create & produce extremely high quality ASMR-inducing content
- Assist people that have issues with relaxation, sleep, headaches and concentration via my content

I want to personally thank you for visiting my channel and I invite you to check out my ASMR content for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something that works to give you tingles or help you sleep better!


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