ASMR ❤️ FAST Sounds Session #1 🎧

Freckle 23 ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Please, READ ME! :D

Hello my friends all over the world! This video will be the beginning of a new ASMR series only about fast sounds. Each time, I will choose 5 random items in which I will make fast and intense sounds like tapping/scratching/rubbing etc..
I personally love these intense sounds because they give me another kind of tingles, more powerful, that sometimes are more effective and make me fall asleep faster! And you? Let me know what you think with a comment! :)


00:01 to 01:15 Whispered Intro
01:16 to 04:53 Little book
04:54 to 08:53 Black fake leather wallet
08:54 to 12:03 Plastic bottle with Liquid
12:04 to 15:03 Chinese Chopsticks
15:04 to 18:58 "Mentos" Box

Sweet sweet dreams :*

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XO -Hily


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