ASMR Secret triggers 2

Published 4 years ago

Hello there,

Over a year ago I uploaded a similar video, and many of you really liked it, so I thought that I should make another one.

This time we are honored with the presence of a few inanimate objects that are willing to help you drift off to sleep.

Let me introduce you to Pulpy. This blue beauty has been in a constant grief since he realised that Perky cannot be his daughter. Doctor said that it is impossible for his wife's and his own genes to produce a sequence in which their offspring would have a yellow coloration.

It had to mean only one thing. His wife betrayed him. It made him extremely angry, but before he let his emotions take the helm, he had decided to give her an opportunity to explain.

''I couldn't stand that anymore...'' She started with tears in her eyes

''What do you mean? You had everything you wanted. I cared for you and loved you from the bottom of my heart!'' Pulpy exploded in anger

''It is not your fault Pulp..'' She answered looking down

''Of course it is not my fault! How could you do this after all those years?'' His voice began to break.

''This yellow villain was so annoying, that one day I ate him whole in a fit of rage'' She yelled at the top of her chocolatey lungs

''What are you talking about?'' Pulpy asked

''He was swinging from cupcake to cupcake all the time! I had enough of him! That was the only one solution!'' She explained desperately

''Ok calm down. Who do you mean? Who was this yellow villan that you ate?'' He asked once again while holding her shoulders and looking into her eyes.

''It was ... Tarzipan'' She answered quietly looking up at Pulpy with her nougaty eyes.

''Nana warned me that I should refrain from eating him, otherwise all my children will have yellow icing.'' She added

''That explains a lot. No need to worry. Perky is still beautiful isn't she? Hopefully she won't start swinging from cake to cake like Tarzipan'' They started laughing.

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