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Published 5 years ago

Hello my lovelies, I have decided to do a role play I have yet to see in the ASMR community and since it is on British tv just now, it all made perfect sense! For those of you who are not British/not familiar with the Great British Bake Off, it is an annual tv show where the top amateur bakers compete with one another each week in different baking scenarios. The scenario in this video is bread week and we are going to make a delicious olive bread! There are the sounds of cooking, plus my soft spoken voice/whispers over the top and different effects throughout. I had great fun making this and the olive bread did taste super yummy. I hope this is relaxing for you guys and would love to get your feedback on this!

For those who are interested: the binaural miss came but don't work with my current equipment so need to get alternative equipment before I can use them. Hopefully this will be soon!

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