ASMR | 80s Makeup Tutorial (ft. Connie) + Tapping!

Published on Mar 13, 2018 by The White Rabbit ASMR

Hello Wonderlanders!! ♡
You guys voted once again for this one.... But I think after this, I'll be taking a break from 80s videos for a tiny bit! (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Connie too, but I'd love to get to all of your other requests and try to put out some other ideas I had for videos too!)

I tried to go for a gum-less Connie video this time, so that my friends who don't like chewing sounds can enjoy as well! :)

The first half of the video is of Connie filming herself doing her first ever makeup tutorial! In the second half, she's accidentally started recording herself discovering ASMR and has some fun tapping on various objects and getting tingles. There's not much talking in that half. I'll insert timestamps here and in the comments in case you'd like to skip one or the other!

0:00 - 38:58 : Connie's Makeup Tutorial
38:59 - the end : Connie Discovers ASMR (Tapping)

Hope you guys are having a beautiful day!!



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