Ear To Ear ASMR Kisses & Falling Asleep With Me Soft Spoken Sleepy Girlfriend Roleplay (Heartbeat)

Skye Vibes Audio
Published 4 years ago

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"Ohhhh baby...yeah, I love the way your hands feel...yeah...*kissing sounds....Yeah you can lay your head on my chest if you want...*deep breathing and heartbeat sounds..."

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a wonderful day! I have a nice, long sleep aid audio for you all today. Lay back and relax to the gentle sounds of all your favorite ASMR sleep triggers, including tons of ear to ear soft spoken roleplay, some gentle whispers, blankets ruffling, loads of sweet kisses, as well as heartbeat sounds and deep breathing as you lay your head on my chest and fall asleep with me...all set to an ambient night time and new thunderstorm soundscape!

...hope you enjoy it 😊

And I promise I'll have some more brand new roleplays for you guys here very shortly, so keep an eye out!

Ear To Ear ASMR Kisses & Falling Asleep With Me Soft Spoken Sleepy Girlfriend Roleplay (Heartbeat) (ASMR Kissing Sounds) (ASMR Sleep Aid) (ASMR Ear To Ear)

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