Late Night ASMR #3 - Back to School

Ephemeral Rift
Published 4 years ago

I paddle down yet another stream of consciousness as I share my thoughts, advice and experiences on a variety of school and youth related topics such as the topic at hand, self confidence, the future, finding out who you are, etc. etc.

Best of luck to you in the new school year and I wish you all my best as you travel down your own path in life.
- E.R.

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What is ASMR?

To me, ASMR is 2 things: a sensation and a medium (like music for example).

The sensation itself (ASMR) stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is the current (non-scientific) name given to the feeling characterized as a pleasurable tingling sensation felt in the head, scalp, back and other regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli, such as crinkling bags, hand movements, whispering and personal attention. It's like goosebumps, but much more pleasant.

ASMR videos, the medium, are not only meant to help induce the sensation or "tingles" in the viewer, but also help provide a relaxing, calming and soothing experience for the viewer. They often help those dealing with anxiety, stress, headaches, insomnia, PTSD, depression, concentrating and more. It is quite therapeutic, for both the creator and recipient, which is not that much different than the mediums of music and painting, for example.

Many people who do not experience ASMR still enjoy the videos for their calming and sleepy affect.


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