ASMR Sound/triggers Assortment. Ramble and update

SimplyHolistic ASMR
Published 8 years ago

APOLOGIZING FOR MY FEW COUGHS AND MOM INTERRUPTING. Really dont want to have to edit because my software takes soooooooooo long to save the video so im not gunna even bother. if you guys really want me to edit this video for some reason, let me know and ill do it for you :)

Showing you a couple objects to trigger your tingles :)

Want to help me out by supporting me Via Fiverr? Im trying to save up to buy new equipment, it would be very appreciated :)

Requests fill out:
Trigger/Topic you would like: (Example: Tapping, Makeup Role play)
Would you like to remain Anonymous?: (Do you want to be tagged or mentioned in the video?)
Any other things i should know?:


asmr Nurse gloves tapping scratching crinkly crinkle bags mettalic silly putty

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