♡ Christmas Goodies from Lush ASMR ♡ w/ background rain sou

Published 8 years ago

Hello tingleheads. In this I show you some of the treats that I picked up from Lush cosmetics yesterday :)

Triggers include: crinkling, whispering, unwrapping, demonstrating.

I also apologise for the quality of the video, however I bought a new camera and microphone (Canon EOS 100D) which is really exciting however it takes like 1000 minutes just to upload a 10 minute video!!! Eep! So I will still sometimes record with my iPhone camera (the one this is and most of my videos are recorded on) just to put something out there however for the really relaxing videos that need a great sound system, Canon to the rescue!
Thanks so much,
- 3 Hannah


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