Jennemotion ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Hi friends, this is an asmr video especially for men - a shave is a nice topic for a quick relaxation session I think :).

So you are getting shaved and a refreshed hair cut at the same time. I'm applying a fresh blue shaving cream all over your beard and work it in with a typical shaving brush.

I'm speaking soft and I often very closeup to your face where I'm also whispering form ear to ear. I'm eating a chewing gum, but not that obvious all the time. Just thought that it creates a few more mouth sounds here and there while talking or whipering. I know many of you like especially the close up whispers.

The video is supposed to help you for a quick relaxation, as it's not very long. I hope you like this asmr men shave video and get tingles or at least deep relaxation.. :)


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