asmr 1hour sound assortment!(50+triggers) lovely asmr s

Lovely asmr S
Published 4 years ago

when I recorded this video Friday I was very tired, because I just came back from school. so i'm really sorry for that. i'm not gonna lie i"ve been playing Fortnite a lot as well on my Playstation 4. so that's also one of the reasons why i'm so tired. but anyways today I wanted to do a good video like I used to do . so I decided why not do a sound assortment video, because I haven't made one in almost 3 months. I know its a shame. because I know for a fact that you guys really seem to enjoy the sound assortment videos I make, and I also truly enjoy making them. so here you go, a brand new sound assortment video just made for you guys. I almost forgot to say: I added some new triggers in the video which we have never used before, so lets see hoe that goes. I include

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