ASMR Traditional Chinese Ear Cleaning and Earwax Removal (No Talking)

ASMR Bakery
Published 1 week ago

Welcome back to my channel! Today you’re going to be enjoying a traditional Chinese ear cleaning treatment using various relaxing and tingly tools. If you prefer no background music, please skip to 34:43.


With music:
00:00 preview
01:37 tuning fork
07:32 earwax removal using tweezers
12:44 bamboo ear pick
14:49 wet wipe
16:46 fluffy ear pick
21:05 single hair ear pick
25:08 stiff hair ear pick
30:54 feather pick

No music:
34:43 preview
36:20 tuning fork
42:15 earwax removal using tweezers
47:27 bamboo ear pick
49:32 wet wipe
51:28 fluffy ear pick
55:48 single hair ear pick
59:49 stiff hair ear pick
1:05:37 feather pick

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