Are You a Human? Doctor Examination Role Play (ASMR)

SensorAdi ASMR
Published 3 years ago

This is doctor examination ASMR role play. But You look really strange...This is a test are You a human?
I check your eyes, ears....and teeth.
And then we will see what happen.

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I think that ASMR is about to take care of someone. Take care of his mind, thoughts. The strongest ASMR feeling is when Im making not only sounds, but when I got contact with person. With something that belong to that person, and when im close to it.

Feeling is very subjective and it can be triggered very fast and lost very fast. Everybody is different, so there will never be the best ASMRtist in the community. Many people tell that they never feel ASMR tingles. I think that they got the same body and mind.

I think that everybody can experience ASMR tingles.


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