🌟Freestyle ASMR 🌟pt.4 (random words, mouth sounds)

Clareee ASMR
Published 1 week ago

Hello everyone!!
Welcome back to my channel! Here's another freestyle video; a type of video on my channel where I hold the mic and the triggers are totally not planned :D

Maono Microphone I am using in this video!! Super affordable if you thinking of starting a youtube channel or any other things :D

I hope the video is enjoyable to you as editing it I felt as if it could have been better like brighter lighting or maybe a better video topic in general. I went with such a normal video for today's upload as the last few vids of mine have been different or exciting haha! I didn't want to run out of all the cool ideas too quickly :D

Anyways, I uploaded double today! Please check out my other BONUS video with my aunties! A 'just for fun' video :DD

My Instagram @_clalaves_


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