ASMR Nurse Whispers Cares For You & Light Trigger Eye Test Roleplay

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Published 3 years ago

ASMR Nurse Whispers Wound Care & Light Trigger Eye Test Roleplay

Welcome back Nurse Whispers, in this quick medical roleplay. You've had a little accident, which has caused a small injury on your face. Nurse Whispers will clean you up with some antiseptic, and then check your eye sight is okay.

[Please note, filming with a new DSLR, and green screen is out of focus half way through, still testing it! Also been away for a couple of weeks with laryngitis and a chest infection so excuse the voice!]


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Please note, ASMR is meant for relaxation and not for real medical/mental health care. Please take any advice given with a pinch of salt, and seek real help where needed.


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