ASMR Country Mountain Tour: Sound of Nature, Leaves, Grass, Water and Soil (No Talking)

iceBall ASMR
Published 5 years ago

Hi everyone! It’s iceBall. Welcome back my channel! Last Monday was Korean Thanksgiving Day, and I went to the country for a long time. It was a bit modernized, unlike when my grandfather was there. But I wanted to record this. There is a sound of nature that is walking on grass, and stepping on leaves and soil. There is a little water sound, and it is repeated in reverse at 09:24. I hope you enjoy and relax.

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- The equipments used in the video -
Microphone 1: Roland CS-10EM. -
Recorder 1: ZOOM H4n Pro. -
Camera 1: Panasonic DMC–G7. -
Lens 1: Lumix 14-42mm bundle lens.

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