Ice Ice Baby: Binaural ASMR Snow and Ice Sounds.

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Hello everyone! Feeling too hot lately? Make a dragon want to retire, man? Cool off here! This ASMR video features snow falling on you, and frozen branches and pine needles cracking delicately in your ears. I recorded this back in the winter for visuals to use in an upcoming Mystical Feather video, but I decided to show you them for this audio cause I thought it might help you relax. I didn't have a winter coat when I was filming this, and I tried to go in the early morning hours so that traffic wouldn't be too loud---so I was tromping around in the frozen snow in sneakers, a sweatshirt, and pajama pants---it was cold, hahaha. Happy Viewing!
PS. Only two more prerecorded vids to go before fresh new content comes out: Opening 30+ Magic The Gathering Booster Packs, and my Analysis of Portal. I can't believe in the 3 weeks before my surgery, I made 12 vids (not including this one) in prep for my absence. You guys mean a lot to me, and I can't wait to make more for you :D.

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