ASMR Siamese Cat Cuddling With His Pet Parent Dad. (He is making Purring Sounds)

ღJessy ASMRღ
Published 2 years ago

Hi Guys This is Mr. Cat he is a Siamese Cat and he loves to cuddle and he is making purring sounds. This video is for pet therapy and pet therapy is good for reducing anxiety and helping with sleep enjoy. Mr. Cat is 6 months old and we are teaching him how to shake hands and other cat tricks and once he learns his tricks we can share them with you in the asmr community and help you get some pet therapy. we love helping others and we hope you enjoy this pet therapy.

Please Do Check Our Instagram were we post daily photos of our
Cat he loves taking photos we create cat photography and our Siamese cat loves cat photography and he wants to share his cat pictures with all of you.


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