ASMR Gloves Fluffy Brain Massage. Deep Scalp massage and Head Scratching with gloves. (No Talking)

Egilea ASMR
Published 1 year ago

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💜 ASMR deep head massage, Fluffy and sponge cover Scalp massage with medical nitrile Gloves. Brain melting. Blue Yeti microphone cover touching, stroking and scratching. Eye contact, checking your head. Tingly touching. Tingles and positive vibes to help you feel better. Repetitive hands movements and a lot of smiling! Personal attention just for you! Relaxing sounds that will make you sleep! Hope you enjoy! Much love to everyone! Kisses 💜

⏰ Chapters:
00:00 ASMR intro Gloves Fluffy mic
00:30 Fluffy mic scalp massage with Gloves
29:02 Sponge cover Brain Massage with Gloves

Dreamy Scalp Massage:

🎧 Headphones are recommended for ASMR tingles.
👂 Please adjust the audio volume to your ASMR taste.

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🤔 What is ASMR?
ASMR is (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) that is best described as a tingling sensation, on the scalp, down the back of the neck, upper spine, on the shoulders, on the skin or throughout the body. Often people listening to the sounds of ASMR videos to help them with relax, calm, still, peace, while studying, working, or simple to help them fall asleep.


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