ASMR Binaural 12 Piece Sound Assortment: Ear Cleaning/Brushing, Slinky, Beanbags, & More.

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 6 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: Ear to Ear Whispering and Soft Speaking, Ear Cleaning, Ear Brushing, Counting, Tapping and Scratching, Bean Bags, Whispery ASMR Singing, Metal, Wood, and Plastic Sounds. This was an unplanned video to hold you guys over till I can get my role play out. I have to use a friend's comp to edit and render, which means I am on their schedule. Thanks for being patient and understanding. This video had a handful of abrupt cuts in it---I either sneezed, or my stomach growled super loudly, or a car outside honked. There is also a short part of the vid where there aren't any visuals. For some reason, that part of the video transferred wrong, so I just cut out the visuals, but the audio was fine. I look pretty derpy in this, but I have looked derpy in the past, so I hope you guys can tingle with my derp :P Happy Viewing!

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For those who need a quick fix:
1:23-7:08 Metal Slinky
7:10-14:48 Bean Bags
15:00-21:11 Foam Dominoes
21:22-30:00 Ear Cleaning and Ear Brushing
30:44-42:18 Seashells
37:40-38:11 Shhhhhh
42:19-47:55 Dali Melting Clock
45:22-47:00 ASMR Singing
47:58-53:20 Straw Box
54:05-54:27 Piece of Wood or Bamboo Chime
54:51-55:04 Teaser Item #2
55:09-55:27 Microphone Ear Muff

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