Edgy Bisexual Friend Does Your Makeup ASMR (role-play, personal attention, weird, funny)

Published 5 years ago

did you guys know I have a soft grunge tumblr

also I really want to up my production value, and I'm broke as a duck, so i made a paypal - [email protected] - feel free to donate money i love money. I will make a patron soon as well.

yup, I'm getting famous for eating a banana.

this role-play is geared towards girls, felt like i'd been giving too much to the dudes. but honestly either sex could enjoy this video lmao.

IM DOING A Q&A video NEXT WEEK: Ask me any question and make sure to include "Q&A" in the comment w/ the question you would like to ask me.

i really enjoy reading the comments, honestly i laugh my ass off and can never get it back after a trip to the comment section.

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my sketch comedy channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwRFAXU5X5_YaOcvBeNBNA
instagram: instagram.com/thecloveress
twitter: twitter.com/thecloveress

Have a request for a video? Comment below and I will try my very best to fulfill your request.

Have any questions? Comment or email me ( relaxation [email protected] )

Equipment I use: Canon 70D (various lenses) Zoom H1 (high quality professional mic) Adobe Premiere Pro (editing)

this all feels like a dream.


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