ASMR Favorites Part 2 - Makeup, Brushes, and Skincare, soft spoken with whisper

Dekilah ASMR
Published 7 years ago

My longest video yet at almost an hour! This is the second part of my favorites video. As I mention at the beginning, I had to re-film this a few hours after the first segment. You may here a few external sounds, but I'm hoping that it's not too distracting. Triggers in this one include tapping, rambling, hand motions, and some lid sounds, as well as soft speaking and some whispering.

This is my first/second attempt at whispering, so let me know if you prefer my soft spoken or whispering voice, or both like I did here.

Also, as I disclosed in the video, a few of the products were sent to me free for review purposes for my beauty blog. Here are my beauty blog links for those interested:

Brand Links:
Bear's Beauty -
Chikyu -
Pure Lips/Pure Elements -
Cute and Funky -
Herbolution -
Erzulie Cosmetics -
Meow Cosmetics -
Pacifica Beauty -
Kae Q Shop -
Silk Naturals -
Brazen Cosmetics -
Darling Girl Cosmetics -
Chinovi Cosmetics -

Please keep in mind that this was filmed with the on camera mic, but I am hoping to upgrade soon. If you'd like to help me get there faster I've listed my Patreon and PayPal info below.

Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to reading your comments! ^_^

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