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Lushious Addiction ASMR
Published 1 year ago
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Hey sweetie,
Sorry for leaving you without any new update for so long !
I actually had to redo entirely this video as my computer totally messed up the recorded file, i was so sad.

But I hope YOU will enjoy it !
From request, a try on haul video with whispering, tapping, crinkly plastic sounds, fabric sounds...
Let me know which clothes do you like best !

Also guys, a biiiig thank you to you, we're approching the 2k subs and i'm super happy to see this channel grow with your love and support.
Thank you so much ! ♥
If you are here from my last ear eating 3dio video, don't worry I will be submitting a new one shortly with ear massages and oil :)

Love !

Last but not least,
I know exposing it's body on internet is the open door to criticism, so let me anticipate a few questions :
-Yes i had a boob job, that's what happens when you can't even fit a xs size swimsuit lol.
-No I'm not the super slim thin fragile type, because i do a lot of sports, like crossfit, which means i can lift, which means i have a bit more muscles than most girls.
You can keep your comments to yourself, because i'm fine with myself, thanks :)


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