ASMR far away lens licking with mic licking and wet mouth sounds (tongue sounds) (repeating “lick”)

Published 8 months ago

ASMR far away lens licking with mic licking and wet mouth sounds (tongue sounds) (repeating “lick”)(asmr whispering) (asmr wet mouth sounds) (asmr lens licking) (asmr far away lens licking) (asmr hand movements) (asmr mouth sounds) (asmr repeating words) (asmr mic licking) (asmr blue yeti mic licking) (asmr eating my blue yeti) (asmr tongue flutters) (asmr tongue sounds) (asmr türkçe altyazılar) 💖 hi! I hope you enjoyed this video; i enjoyed filming it. I am always improving while being open to change so more and better to come 🥳 As always, sorry for any background noise. I try my best to conceal and cut but some things are unavoidable. Sorry for the set up and lighting AHHH I AM ALMOST DONE soon i will have a decent set up. Thank you for your patience with me. This is a popular trigger on my patreon so let me know if you enjoy it as well!

Mouth sounds playlist:

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0:00 hello/merhaba/salut
1:16 far away lens licking
2:09 mic licking
2:39 far away lens licking
3:11 mic licking
3:20 far away lens licking
4:08 mic licking
4:51 far away lens licking
6:38 mic licking
6:52 far away lens licking
7:14 mic licking
7:58 far away lens licking
9:34 mic licking
9:50 tongue sounds
10:17 far away lens licking
12:00 mic licking
13:06 far away lens licking and mic licking while repeating “lick”
15:30 far away lens licking with hand movements
17:36 bye/hoşçakal/au revoir
#asmr #satisfying


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