ASMR: Tasting Weird Asian Snacks from China & Thailand! 🌶️🔥| Whispers + Ear-to-Ear Sounds

Misschic ASMR
Published 5 years ago

Hola/Hello/Bonjour, today we're trying some unusual snacks from China and Thailand. Most of these snacks were spicy and VERY different from how I imagined them to be! This video has crinkles, some tapping, some liquid sounds & eating sounds. I hope this video gives you tingles! Please wear headphones for ear-to-ear tingles. ♥

00:16 - Whispered Intro + tapping
01:28 - Mogu Mogu drink (tapping/liquid sounds)
05:18 - HWW Dried Tofu (crinkles/tapping)
11:40 - Chewy Kelp Snack (tapping)
15:52 - Tao Nae Koi Crispy Seaweed (crinkles)
20:50 - Final verdict
23:30 - Outtakes/blooper

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