Half-Life X | The A.S.M.R. of Gordon Freeman

Ephemeral Rift
Published 4 years ago

You are Gordon Freeman, former scientist at the Black Mesa Research Facility and world hero extraordinaire. At the behest of a particular suitcase-carrying individual, you have been placed under the direct care of Professor Clemmons, Chief Psychologist and Medical Director of the Arkham Sanitarium for Mental Rehabilitation (rumors say the facility also operates as [REDACTED]). The benevolent professor performs the A.S.M.R. treatments noted below to help you recuperate from all that you endured while saving the world from the Combine, until you are needed once again . . .

00:00:00 Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman
00:01:05 Introductions and why you are here
00:10:25 Administering the IV
00:13:03 Health Questionnaire
00:19:42 Medical Exam
00:23:00 Light & Finger Follow
00:29:12 A.S.M.R. Test #1: Pipe Wrench
00:35:36 A.S.M.R. Test #2: Headcrab Legs
00:44:28 A.S.M.R. Test #3: Vortigaunt Hands
00:51:37 A.S.M.R. Test #4: Cthulhu Statue
00:53:32 A.S.M.R. Test #5: Pestle & Mortar
00:58:13 A.S.M.R. Test #6: Plastic Bottle Cap
01:02:45 A.S.M.R. Test #7: Tissue Package of the Elder Gods
01:05:23 Time to Sleep, Mr. Freeman

Side notes: Yes, I've played HL and HL2, though I don't recall the sequels, and it's been a decade or so since playing the games, so I had to polish up on my lore. I know headcrabs don't have legs that end in claws, but I did forget that Mr. Freeman used a crowbar, not a pipe wrench. But hey, you're here for the tingles, relaxation and sleep, not lore consistency, right? RIGHT!?!? Right. That's what I thought.

Here's to hoping HL3 comes out before we're dead! *raises glass*

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