ASMR Whispered 1,000 Sub Celebration! (Reacting to My Videos)

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Published 5 years ago

Thank you all so so much for being a part of this journey! This has been an amazing experience so far. I’m so happy to be helping you all relax, sleep, and relieve anxiety. At the same token, you guys have helped me develop more confidence, become a better speaker, learn more about video and audio production, create happiness in my life, as well as give my boyfriend and I an awesome way to collaborate. You all mean so so much to me, as you’ve helped to change my life for the better. Here’s a special video Mike and I have created for you where I react to my own videos as well as tell you guys a few fun facts about them. ❤️

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Thanks as always to my lovely boyfriend Mike, who puts a lot of work into these videos! You are an amazing editor and audio engineer. Not to mention, you have many wonderful ideas for my videos. Love you!


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