Jennemotion ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Get a deep ear cleaning from your ASMR Doctor Jennemotion. With many sounds around your ears for fast tingles and immediate relaxation.

But be careful: The sounds are cristal clear and surprising ;). I'm brushing, stroking and blowing around your ears to get them real deep cleaned so you can hear from here to the stars afterwards!

Your asmr Doctor is first checking your ears with a light where I need to come close next to your head. Then your are already getting the deep asmr ear cleaning with a cleaning spray that I'm spraying into your ears, Then I'm working with some Q-Tips to support the effect of the ear spray.

I need to put your hair away from your ears, so I'm also using a brush and I'm blowing the hair away - also any particles like dust and tiny dirt that might be at the surrounding.

I'm unsing a lot of sound arround your ears - I hope these are enjoyable for you. I wanted to have a really effectful asmr ear cleaning video.

Of course a lot of soft speaking and whispering next to your ears from the asmr doctor is encluded!

I hope you enjoy the asmr doctor roleplay for fast tingles to get out of everything for a moment and just relax.

Love, Jenn


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