ASMR What I bought at Anime Con! ~ ASMR Show and Tell

Published 5 years ago

ASMR What I bought at Anime Con! ASMR Show and Tell

Hi Everyone! Last weekend I was at Anime Midwest and of course I had to buy a bunch of cute things I saw. :D Hope you all like this soft spoken show and tell style video. :)

3D Printed Dragons -
Custom Anime Portrait by -
Beautiful art "Serenaitus" by Pui Che -
Sushi bracelet by -

~ Misty Cosplay ~
Yellow Crop Top -
Red Suspenders -
Shorts - hand sewn from a pair of jeans
Shoes (drawn with red & yellow Sharpie) -
Red Drawstring Bag -

~ Cute Pikachu Dress ~

~ Equipment / Products Used ~ - OPI nail polish "Coney Island Cotton Candy" - canon camera - canon 35mm lens - zoom h6 recorder - sound professionals binaural microphones

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